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You can lather up a little of the body wash and apply it on your body, except your face. Rinse it off with warm water.

Yes, it is.

A quick and easy way is to just use your hands, but you could also use a washcloth or loofah whenever you feel the need to exfoliate the skin.

Frankly, it’s a matter of choice! Today’s bar soaps and body washes are formulated with overlapping ingredients that cleanse the skin similarly, just the packaging varies to suit your needs. Some people prefer body wash because it’s less messy and comes in a bottle, while others appreciate the simplicity of a bar of soap.

At Bath & Blends all the products are formulated to suit your skincare needs. Made with nourishing botanicals, our body cleansers are paraben-free, sulphate-free, gentle on the skin and give a boost to your senses. Whether you’re looking for moisturizing formulas, invigorating scents or vitamin rich blends that are good for the skin, our collection of fruit-derived body cleansers is bursting with moisture-rich botanicals to remove impurities in a refreshingly gentle way.

Yes. All products of Bath & Blends are clinically tested and proven safe for use. All the ingredients used are gentle, toxin-free and Dermatologically tested.

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This powerful vitamin retains the moisture level and gives long-lasting moisturization to the skin. It also improves elasticity.